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The quality of our work flows directly from the qualities that have defined our firm ever since its founding in 1929. We are committed to practicing at the top of our profession, and we have steadfastly cultivated an environment that helps us live up to that commitment. Our culture is built on these core values:

  • Uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We are intensely proud of our calling as lawyers and determined to exemplify the best in our profession.
  • Exacting work standards. We hold our work to the highest standards of intellect, accuracy, and effectiveness for our clients.
  • Accessibility and responsiveness. Our client relationships are personal, and we understand that clients hire lawyers, not law firms. We listen, we pay attention, and we deliver value.
  • Innovation. We embrace new ideas and technologies not for their own sake, but to meet client needs and provide faster, better and more efficient service.
  • Community service. We are deeply committed to being a positive force throughout our community, as lawyers and as citizens. We have a long history of serving underrepresented client groups through pro bono legal work and participating in a broad spectrum of community and public service organizations.
  • A stimulating, collegial workplace. We recruit people from diverse backgrounds who enrich our perspective and complement our strengths. We organize the firm to encourage collaboration and foster discussion, teaching and creativity. We work together to make the firm a better place for ourselves and all our clients.
  • Hard work and quality of life. We strive to provide an environment where smart, capable people will work hard and be continually challenged to learn and improve. At the same time, we respect the private lives and personal interests of everyone in the firm. We are convinced that a balanced life makes for a better lawyer and a better law firm.
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